Nanny’s Shoe Chase

Happy Birthday, Mom. I miss you.

Joann M. Claypoole ~ Dreamdove's Flights Of Fancy

Time has a way of clouding our memories.

Maybe that’s why my favorite childhood memories are funny. Random stories play out in my mind time and again, reminding me of the years that rushed away like water falling down a steep mountain’s jagged face—looking like my tears when mother passed away.

The reminder, I’m only a vapor in the wind. And now when I think about some of the events that gave birth to those memories, I can see why my mother wasn’t always amused with all the colorfuljoysof motherhood.

I could truthfully say my mother, Josephine, (AKA Jaws-Z) enjoyed being a stay at home mom while my sister and I attended elementary school in NYC. But, sometimes she took her role as a domestic administrator too seriously.   :/

This was a problem for a fairy wannabe (me) between the ages of 5-10.

… Doesn’t she know…

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