The Amazing Ordinary

Open my eyes, Lord . . .

Joann M. Claypoole ~ Dreamdove's Flights Of Fancy

IMG_7406 Dorothy went all the way to Oz only to discover one simple truth:

Happiness is not somewhere over the rainbow.

It’s right in your own backyard.

Once Dorothy learned this truth, she realized there was no place like home. She tapped into the power that was always within her.

With the click of her heels she made it happen. She found true happiness by seeing the amazing in her ordinary life—In her broken family. In her flawed friends.

What if you and I choose to see the amazing in our ordinary lives?

Our families. Our friends. Our children. You know, the kids who remind us of Tink, Tigger, Peter, or Pooh. Whether they zip, bounce, or climb, they’re always seeking adventure, acceptance, and … amazing. Children can teach us tons about the true meaning of amazing—Like, how amazing Rolly Pollie bugs are, and how these friendly insects are similar to…

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