Flights of Fancy

Dreamdove’s still flying.

Maybe you’ve noticed how quiet Dreamdove’s Flight’s of Fancy is lately. Believe me, friends, I haven’t forgotten you—or this whimsical blog. Life has taught me many lessons. One of the most important: Friendship is a rare and treasured gift. As always, I hope to meet you here to share about God’s love and goodness—all wrapped up in a few quirky life stories. Let’s learn to savor quiet moments…even the ones that knock us off our feet. Dirty dishes, yard work, and everything else can wait. See the awesome wonders God created for us in the middle of our every day ho hum. Although I haven’t posted much on this site for a while, I want you to know I’m still here…

Inspired by a fire?

Since November 2018, I’ve shared as a monthly contributor with Cindy Sproles and many gifted authors on the Inspire A Fire blog. No worries, I’ll be back here with new stories soon. Meanwhile, Please click the Inspire A Fire link (above) to see my latest 22 posts.

Don’t you love it when God moves in unexpected ways? ME TOO!

He’s always near

God has allowed many circumstances to inspire my personal creative quest. I hope he’s done the same for you. In times when life isn’t good, remember, God is great. And, he’s always near.

Please don’t forget to comment with your experiences and stories. I love it when you join the conversation! Feel free to share with friends and family. Wishing you blessings, joy, and strength for the journey ~ Joann (Click blue links to read on…)

Here’s a recent personal testimony of God’s awesome power:

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