10929152_921091277903571_4734844800239100785_nJoann is the author of DoveStories, a children’s chapter book series (ages 6-8). The Gardener’s Helpers (Morgan James Publishing) 2015. She wrote a children’s devotional book, Coo Says You Are Loved (ages 2-5). Her inspirational stories,  A Picture In The Sky, The Amazing Gift, Christmas Watercolor, and The Cardinals’ Song, were included in Yvonne Lehman’s ‘Moments’ book series. Divine Moments (book 1, 2014), Christmas Moments (book 2, 2014) and Spoken Moments (book 3, May-2015), Grace Publishing.

Joann co-wrote the TV documentary script for National House of Hope titled My Last Hope, hosted by Candace Cameron Bure (2011). She had inspirational prayers featured on ClickandPray.com, and compiled many more into two prayer books; A Surrendered Heart, and Everything to Me.

She won the East Lake County Library Poetry Contest (Ridgecrest Oak) in 2009, and wrote a cover article for the Edgewater Tides (2001). Joann also writes songs, voice overs, plays, inspirational inner beauty articles. She attends many writing conferences and was a long time member of the CWC and Amhurst Writers and Critique Group. She is a current member of Word Weavers International (Orlando Chapter), SCBWI, and Mt. Dora SCBWI Critique Group.

Joann is a wife, mother of four sons, Numi to three grand babies, doggie-mom of two, and a master hair colorist and former salon / spa owner in downtown Mt. Dora, Florida. She serves local and international missions and loves to sing on the praise and worship leading team at her local church.

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