Into Deeper Water


~ Into Deeper Water ~


Have you heard the call to wade into deeper water?

Sometimes it’s a voice like rolling thunder; strong, still, and steady. But it lives inside your Chicken Little body.

There’s promise of adventure, but it’s a journey you don’t want to endure.

I know it all too well.

We cry out. We hope to see a lighthouse…a beacon to guide us as we swim like salmon swim against the relentless Alaskan current.

Now my hands are wrinkled and my heart is worn.

Expecting to catch a glimpse of Jehovah Rapha, my healer, I prayed with all my heart.

Please help me, Lord. Show me Your plan.

I tried to breathe, to trust in His way, even in the scary ugly.

Then a black wave the size of Moby Dick crashed over my head and tried to hold me under.

I felt like a piece of limp seaweed drifting out to sea. Tossed and caught in a silent abyss. Only my spirit cried out.

But, the monstrous thing pounded me once more.


Unconscious, I drifted, dreaming about a mountain of scribbled messages I had stuffed into a thousand tiny bottles long ago. One by one, I had cast them out to sea.


They were attached to an endless tethered line.

When I awoke, pieces of the dream remained jumbled, like a puzzle in my head. I only remembered fragmented words and songs and smiles that now resembled pieces of shimmering glass scattered across an endless sea. Each thought washed over me and covered me with a sense of hope, light, and life.

Envisioning the tethered line again, I fixed my eyes on the beauty of this iridescent string, which seemed to flow out from the biggest tidal wave now shaped like a hand.

This Living Water washed over me like a hurricane. This endless ocean, the King Of Everything …

He called out to me and said,”I am bigger than anything that can come against you.”

The hand that holds sickness, health, birth, beauty, death … And the land of evermore.

The One who wonders why we say we believe in miracles, when we let our unbelief drown and bury our loved ones before they’re dead.

I don’t want my prayers to be empty offerings, like the piercing sound of clanging cymbals drowning out the lyrics of the writer’s song.

Or …

So many miracles down the drain. Because I’ve (we’ve) lacked wisdom and truth and knowledge.

Frown … Sigh … Sigh and frown again.

But really. How can we expect to understand true healing, or God’s Purpose, or His glory, if He is only a ripple in our puddle of life?

The inner part of my being longs to know the depth and width of Him. I want to experience His love in a much deeper way than ever before.

Relationships are conditional. That’s how they work, right?

It’s like the Tango thing. It takes two.

I pray for a blessed and healthy year for you … my family, my friends, my mentors, and my peers.

I hope we truly seek to love one another and reach out and cling to the truth of a worthy Savior ~ Not for me or these words or my healing…and not for selfish ambition.

But to really know Him a fraction of a fraction of how He knows, and loves us.

Yesterday. Today. And Tomorrow. Only one voice can calm the storms in our lives.

Be transformed by His awesome love and mercy and grace.

Now and always.



He’s real. He’s everywhere. He’s reaching out to you. Don’t look at the waves. Don’t let your circumstances hold you back. Dive into Him and become all you were meant to be.

And remember …

It’s warmer in the deeper water. #Intodeeperwater

Have you ever felt the weight of the call ? Feel like you were drowning in the circumstances of life? I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences here in the comment section of my blog.

#inspirationalwriter #inspirationalblogger



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