~ Beautiful ~





Wisdom’s beauty is like no other.

It is the essence of Love’s soul.

Time and sorrow cannot erase the magnificence

bestowed to one who is truly beautiful.

She is the gentle breeze that soothes tired eyes

and bids them to sleep.

She is like the misty rain that cools our head

and refreshes our mind.

She is like the ever-flowing river of forgiveness

that is never empty.

She is like a majestic mountain that reaches up to heaven.


She calms your spirit with the Holy Spirit’s word.

She eases tension with truth.

She delights in other’s triumphs.

She shares in other’s trials.

She is nourishment for the heart.

She softens.

She smoothes.

She heals.

She erases our debts with the King’s treasure.

She is Wisdom.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Forever. Beautiful.

#inspirationalwriter #inspirationalblogger  🙂

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