The Mystery of Faith and Umbrellas

img_5916~ Meandering thoughts about the mayhem of this beautiful life ~

A lady named Wisdom spoke to me in a dream…

“Love is the umbrella,” she said, “it covered you when storms raged in the spring. Summer always starts out slow, but quickly fades away like youth, leaving vivid memories of hikes in the woods, waterfalls, and campfires…Stories of a wonderful life filled with everlasting faith.”

So. What if we consider faith a gift rather than an achievement?

Would we cherish this gift like every sunrise, every two-year-old child’s smile, or every wicked storm?

Might faith reveal something deeper about us? Will it help us decipher the hidden messages of truth swirling around in murky puddles, or encourage us to write about the unlikely bond of the mystery of faith and umbrellas?

I don’t know about you…but I love umbrellas.

If we didn’t get drenched once in a while, we might not appreciate the wonderful invention of umbrellas. We wouldn’t have several scattered around our homes, offices, and cars. We wouldn’t pray to be protected from fierce winds that threaten to knock us off our feet, or even worse, blow us away. We’d never long to breathe in the sweetness of a new cloudless day.

And we might never see the eternal beauty and promise of each rainbow or the infinite love of the artist whose finger’s painted each color across the endless sky …

Even the dark shades of gray.

The Giver calls out to us. “Faith, like grace, is free,” He says, “but it will cost you everything.”

And then, He promises to cup His hands over us to protect us—like a huge umbrella.

So. Maybe the mystery of faith and umbrellas is not mysterious at all.

Each can help us learn to dance in the storm.

Have you considered how The Giver of the mystery of faith and umbrellas always consoles the meek and the hearts of all true believers?

The thought makes me want to sit under the stars. Soak in the amazing polka dotted expanse He created.

Every color. Every sound. Every smell.

Every Moment.

I want to know The Creator…my God. I want to learn to read between the blurred lines of life and finally begin to see all I’m meant to be. Each obstacle, only ugly paper dolls. Here today and gone tomorrow.

Love is the umbrella that covers us when the storms rage in the spring …

Are you thankful for the rain and the wind and pretty umbrellas? I am.

I believe your faith can move mountains. Do you?

JC / 2016 #faith #lifestories #dovestoriesuthor #cooandflutter

Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your story.

Blessings and hugs.

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