The Umbrella Of Selah

Hi friends,

I was recently blessed by a friend, Lee Owen, with this unexpected gift of poetry; The Umbrella Of Selah.

Lee knew about my recent battle with melanoma. She said she had read a FB post my husband wrote and noted my comment about faith and umbrellas. It’s hard to believe my simple words inspired her to write this poem. She sent it with a beautiful Umbrella pin and said she hoped the gift would be a reminder of those words, and a way to share about the journey when people see me wearing it.

Storms can broadside and pelt our life stories.

The sudden deluge can leave us drentched and defeated. Alone. We struggle to stand in the murky puddle we call our new normal.

Just Stand. Let El Roi, the God Who Sees, cover you. 

He can breathe life into lifeless ground after Winter’s snow melts.


Ugly scars can inspire true beauty in others.

Lee never read my blog entry, The Mystery Of Faith And Umbrellas, until  several weeks ago. The story sat in one of my blog folders since last summer, though the words poked my brain and kept me awake many nights since. It’s hard for me to imagine God used my words to inspire another soul to write something so beautiful. And it happened while I was unaware … afraid to sing, or to press send … afraid to be vulnerable. Again.

Let it rain, Lord. Pour out Your power from broken vessels. Cleanse us and heal us with Your radiant light until our stories become deeper, richer, and more meaningful than ever.

Let’s share our hearts and words of encouragement with others. Let’s look for the beauty in what God does with our soaked ashes when the rain finally subsides.

I pray His hand touches you with these words and covers you with His love, now and always.

I wonder if Lee knows my Golden Retriever’s name is Selah …  🙂  🙂  🙂

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment about your (or a friend’s) journey in the comments section here on my blog site or share

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